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Bike Check - Kevin Böck

Posted by Fourpegsbmx Team on

Here is the next bikecheck from Kevin Böck,
who loves when his bike is super light!
This baby is 8,9kg, so Kevin slimmed everything down he could!

Also a perfect example, what can good planning do to your bike ;)

As the base, Kevin uses Total BMX parts, frame-fork kit,
also a heavy user of Snafu parts - as you can see on his bars and stem.

Also check those titanium touches from Kink and TLC,
crazy how good it looks and how light that makes the bike!

Almost classically, he runs a Profile Elite hubset,
and not classically some Tubolito tubes - which are the cutting edge,
worlds lightest tubes you can ever buy and invest in.

Which one do you like better? Purple or Raw?

Frame: Total BMX Killabee K3 20,4"
Forks: Total BMX Hangover
Headset: Kink BMX Titanium
Stem: SNAFU BMX Topload 48mm
Bars: SNAFU BMX Jackson 9,25"
Grips: ODI Super Soft
Seat: Total BMX Killabee Combo
Cranks: Premium BMX 1955
Pedals: SixPack Menace
Crank Bolts: TLC Bikes Titanium
Stem Bolts: TLC Bikes Titanium
Hub Bolts: TLC Bikes Titanium
Sprocket: Brotherhood Line 5 25T
Chain: The Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2 Halflink
Rims: Alienation Skylark
Spokes: Shadow Titanium (wow)
Hubs: Profile Racing Elite front and rear
Tires: KHE Mac 2+
Tubes: Tubolito 20"

All of these things are available at Fourpegsbmx, if you don´t find them on the site, then just ask!


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