Product Of The Week: Plastie Pegs V3

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Our home made plastic pegs are finally here! Years of testing and trying went into this again.

Please read on, and get to know everything about our Plastie Pegs V3!

We designed and produced these pegs for the modern flatland rider, who looks for a light and durable flatland peg, which can be used preferably with or without griptape.

The peg is one of the point where you are in connection with your bike - therefore it is super important.

We wanted this product to make you feel super in control and comfortable on your bike, in-, during or out of any trick!

Tested by:
Fulop Vidakovich (Pro Category Champion of Hungary 2018)
David Nagy (Flatland Legend)
Irina Prima Sadovnik (World Champion in Cologne 2018)

V1 and V2 versions sold about 300pairs worldwide, no1 pegs in Hungary for flatlanders. Also super proud to say that none of them broke yet!

But we admit that during testing, in 2018 January, in about minus15 degrees Fülöp broke the first prototype peg, after about a few months of winter riding. We were actually happy that finally we know where at the borders of this product!

38mm diameter, 115mm length, 80g weight / peg, color: black.


For 10mm axle. Can be easily drilled to 14mm.

Griptape not included! Many riders took it off after purchase so we did not include them now. We recommend to cover 1/2 of the peg from the fork to the middle with griptape and leave the rest without it, to make pivot tricks easier.

Protects your frame and fork! It is not so rigid like metal pegs and absorbs shock from the crashes! Will not cut your hands or feet!

Handmade in Hungary. Sold in PAIRS!

Please note:
 - All plastic pegs are less durable in cold weather and can break when the temperature is below 10 degrees celsius or less. We dont warrant this use.
 - Plastic pegs are mostly for weight savings and a shorter lifespan can be expected compared to alu or steel pegs.
 - When used on hard asphalt, the pegs can be "shorter" as they are used up.
 - ALWAYS use a washer between the peg and the axle nut / female bolt.
 - DONT overtighten the bolts / nuts! It can break the peg! We dont warrant this! More then 100 users could tighten it normally and it is functioning to this day.
- Can slip with chrome frames and forks! Since chrome is more slippery compared to normal paintjob or especially matte frames.
- NOT intended for street or park use!

This is a real flatland peg, which saves you a lot of weight and gives you more control! Can be replaced cheaply, won´t scratch up your frame and will not cut your hands!

Photos by: Sevisual, David Nagy, Rob Alton, Irina Sadovnik

If your ride a lot (3-4 sessions per week for 2-3 hours, or you consider yourself a master/pro rider) we recommend to replace the pegs every 1,5 years approximately. This can prevent unsuspected breaks or injuries. However we have lots of pairs running for 7+ years for now.


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