Bike Check - Fran Zeman

Fran is the beast from the south in our team! Riding daily between university duties and work, but still killing it!
He represents Merritt BMX in our team, also he is in the Merritt family since last November, so most of the parts on his bike are from those guys :)
He and Luka Matkovic shot a great bikecheck video, check it out right here!

...and here you go with the bike pictures and parts list!

Frame: united mothership v3 20,5” raw

Fork: odyssey r32

Bars: merritt 1UP Brad Simms 9,5”

Seatpost: fiend pivotal

Seat: odyssey broc raiford

Grips: odyssey tom dugan(will switch those maybe, once they are done)

Cranks: merritt battle cranks 170mm

Pedals: merritt p1

Sprocket: bsd 3D 28t

Bb: bsd 22mm mid

Chain: merritt halflink

Front wheel: merritt complete - merritt non-stop hub, merritt spokes and merritt battle rim (2 merritt hubguards)

Rear wheel: demolition rogue v2 hub , shadow spokes, saltplus rim

Stem: shadow conspiracy ravager frontload

Pegs: noname steel (until he gets his merritt S.I.R. pegs)

Tires: merritt option black 2,35

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