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Fourpegsbmx Flatland Pivotal Sattel / Seat Dark Grey

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Fourpegsbmx’s first seat had to be flatland specific. Of course if you like smaller seats and nice grippy underbody, you should try it as well. Based on the original MacNeil seats.

What do all other Flatland Pivotal seats lack? A durable cover. The Fourpegsbmx seat has a cover made of Kevlar which is the most durable cover available. This seat is all business and no nonsense. 

-finger friendly underbody
-solid pivotal bolt
-pivotal seatpost required
You can make it even lighter if you replace the steel bolts with a titanium one. Click HERE to check it out.
Verpackungseinheit: 1 Sattel
Packaging Unit: 1 Seat