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Cinema Sync Kette

Cinema Sync Kette

Cinema Sync Kette

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The Cinema Sync half-link chain offers complete adjustability without needing an additional link and the curved side plates reduce the chances of a broken chain caused by links being caught during missed grinds. Forged pins further increase the chain’s strength and the Teflon coating reduces friction and wear on both the chain and sprocket. Debossed Cinema logos on each link finish off the overall design and the pre-inserted connector pin makes for easy installation. Compatible with 8t drivers and up.


  • Colors:Black, Polished, Gold
  • Type:Half-Link
  • Size:1/8"
  • Length:85 Links
  • Finish:Teflon Coated
  • Weight:13.6oz (11.5oz for 72 Links)

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