DIG 99.99 Book+DVD


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DIG 99.99 – ein 2019 Photo Journal mit DIGs Highlights des Jahres, inkl. dem DIG HOUSE NYC, den DIG Awards und vieles mehr.

- 196 Seiten
- großes oversized Format
- Die größte und fetteste DIG Ausgabe ever
- inklusive LUX ‘AETERNA’ DVD
- Battle of Hastings 2019 Cody Pollard Pull-Out Poster

- 2019 – The year of the Australians. Benn Pigot and Jacob Deveney were up at 4am for this sunrise table teamwork. Shot at Bondi flats. Photo: Lucas Comino

- The DIG House NYC: "Edwin said what?"
- The DIG Awards: 2019 as we saw it
- Pascal Lafontaine: The DIG 2019 Rider of the year
- KINK Champagne: Nathan Williams & Darryl Tocco
- Breaking Glasgow: DIG X Odyssey X BSD
- Vans Peru: Two heavy crews on a mission
- Mat Hoffman: Never Meet Your Heroes, Jeremy Pavia breaks the golden rule
- Lux Aeterna: The most underrated video of the year
- BMX (doesn’t) SUCK (s): Mikes Hinkens on the state of ‘our’ nation
- Warsaw Rising: DIG X SHADOW X SUBROSA in Poland
- Sleepers: From night until day via the lens of Lucas Camino
- Words & Photos by Rob Dolecki
- Doomed in China: "The job is fooked!"
- 2019 In Photos: The ones we really wanted to see in print…