DIG BMX 2020 Book

DIG BMX 2020 Book

DIG BMX 2020 Book

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• 180 Seiten

• Extra großes XL format

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- On The Cover: A shitshow of a year summed up in one image.

- Sebastian 'Seabass' Fowler. Los Angeles, October 2020.

- 013: The DIG Awards - Rider of the Year. Video Part of the Year. Video of the Year. Crew of the Year.

- 028: Honor Role - 23 of the most influential black BMX riders of all time.

- 050: The DIG Photo Contest 2020 - The winners are announced of our fist ever annual photo contest. We were blown away by the response to this one!

- 064: BSD's Grime Safari - Reed Stark and Denim Cox on an eight week cross country mission with our man Wes McGrath.

- 080: etnies 'Forward' Where are they Now? - Looking back at a classic almost two decades on and catching up with (almost) everyone involved.

- 092: Fast & Loose - The Last Word.

- 106: Postcode London - Are we allowed out yet? Venturing back onto the UK streets.

- 114: AM PM NYC - In New York, everything is street riding.

- 126: Get To Work - Tom Beckman hosts a conversation about D.I.Y. frame building with the new torch bearers - John Corts (Work) and Ben Smith (Whthous).

- 134: Every Cloud - Rob Dolecki explores the US North East's Covid trails boom.

- 152: 2020 In Photos - 28 photos and the stories behind them.

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