Eclat E440 Seismic Cassette Laufrad / Wheel

Eclat E440 Seismic Cassette Laufrad / Wheel

Eclat E440 Seismic Cassette Laufrad / Wheel

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Looking for an amazing cassette? You found it! Consisting the E440 rim and the Seismic cassette hub and Eclat spokes! To top it up, Eclat rim strip is also included and 2 plastic hubguards!

Eclat E440 Rim

material: 6061-T6 alloy, flash welded
diameter: 20 inch
width: 34mm
height: 16mm
ERD: * (effective rim diameter)

lacing: regular
spokeholes: 36

color: black

additional information:
super stiff street rim with unique rim profile
strong, lightweight double wall design
very thick side walls less likely to dent on hangups
taller profile for rigidity but straight side walls for brake use

Eclat Seismic Cassette Hub

material: 6061-T6 alloy hub-shell | hardened heat-treated crmo axle | 17mm 7075-T6 Aluminum axle nuts (2)
axle size: 14mm male axle
driver: 9 teeth | durable and dependable 3 high-quality bearing driver with c-clip for longevity
spoke holes: 36H
bearings: 3 high-quality bearing driver, high-performance durable bearings in hub shell

color: black

additional information:
Revolutionary Cassette hub using the patented TCS internal system
low weight, low maintenance hub with super durable internals
allen key inner axle for easy maintenance
Includes eclat Viper and Gong nylon-fibreglass hubguards

For every complete wheel, we recommend to tighten the spokes after two weeks of riding!
Für jedes Komplettrad empfehlen wir, die Speichen nach zwei Wochen zu spannen/nachzuziehen!

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