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IGI Microphone Silver Pegs Flatland

IGI Microphone Silver Pegs Flatland

IGI Microphone Silver Pegs Flatland

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IGI Microphone Peg Regular sized V2’s cap was upgraded to 7075 aluminium withtout a ratchet hole, round end for smoother pivoting. a hole has been added to the base of the peg in case of seizing. The IGI Microphone Pegs will enhance your connexion with the bike in high speed pivoting tricks, wether it’s to learn how to pivot, learn pivots quicker or enhance your pivoting experience, this peg is for you!

Sold in pairs, with caps and griptape.

  • 6061 aluminium body and cap
  • Spheric end with knurling for better grip.
  • Reverse thread to prevent seizing.
  • Tapered entry point to prevent play.
  • Square Ratchet hole for convenience.
  • Laser-etched logo at base of peg
  • 105mm length (but can be 110mm or 115mm with extenders - sold separately)
  • 40mm diameter sphere
  • 35mm diameter peg
  • 14mm (3/8" adapters included)
  • 7.5oz/221g per pair (or 170g per pair with the nylon replacement caps)

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