The Footwork Cranks Are Here!

This took a long time but they are finally here! The Fourpegsbmx Footwork cranks! 
The idea was to make a set of allround cranks for any kind of technical BMX riding - no matter if its on the streets, parks or parking lots (flatland). 

It comes with invest cast pedal and sprocket bosses, both sides!
The chromoly axle is drilled through for weight savings. The crankset is compatible with titanium 19mm axles as well. 
Comes with crank tool and grease too, for an easy assembly.

If you want a no nonsense and reliable crankset that can take a beating, then you found it!

The set weighs 810g with steel axle and steel sprocket bolts. It is 740g with titanium axle and 730g if you also change the sprocket bolt or ride spline drive. Yes, you find lighter cranks, maybe. But you don’t have to think twice about strength with the Footwork cranks. 

Check the cranks in black or chrome color.

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