Titanium Bolts For (Almost) Every BMX Part!

So you have a decent bike and now thinking about some more upgrades? Or you just heard that if you switch to titanium bolts, you can shave off quite a lot of weight of your bike? All true.

Essentially, almost all titanium bolts are approximately half of the weight of their steel counterparts, with matching strength and durability (Grade 5 titanium alloy, not pure titanium, in BMX, it is blended with aluminium). 

When it comes to axle bolts, stem bolts or chain tensioners, it can easily be a 100g that is saved just by changing these small parts. 

Fourpegsbmx offers a wide range of titanium upgrades, mostly by its own brand but also from the likes of Trotul, TLC, Profile and Armour Bikes. The selection was curated so the products compliment each other and make the choices clear for you.

You can get titanium bolts for almost anything in BMX but you don´t have to. However, titanium parts are not better than steel parts. They are just different (lighter). If you feel that your riding is hard on steel bolts, you can keep them and just change those which don´t get that much punishment. 

There are full cranksets, sprockets and seatposts as well. Not to mention flatland forks and handlebars (can be made upon request). If you really want to go all in, 4P can even get you a titanium frame. Just reach out via email please!

Street riders usually don´t bother with this, due to the heavy usage and price. Park/Trails riders, as they get more experience with the time, usually get some titanium bolts and axles, so it compliments their rides but the main components usually stay steel/aluminium. Flatland riders however could just change their whole setup to titanium, if they want, especially if they know, what they want to do on the bike.

Dont forget to get your anti-seize paste, so you can aviod those bolts to cold weld into your precious BMX part. It is not that bad with aluminium, but if you go titanium on titanium, dont miss it, you can save some headaches for sure.

Always check your bolts before going riding, no matter what material they are made out of.

I suggest you browse here to see, what is available.


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