Kategorie: Tires - Reifen 2.1"-2.5"

Wire tires - the rubber has steel wires in it on the sides to make the tire more rigid and stable. This adds significant weight to the tires but also durability. Usually these tires can be ridden with low pressure (around 2-4,5 bar) and they still stay on the rim. Some wire tires can be ridden on high pressure too, these usually have thinner sidewalls for weight saving. 

Kevlar (Foldable) tires - these tires have a kevlar base layer that is very strong and can be inflated up to 110psi (not all models!). These tires are usually 100-150g lighter than the same tire with wire bead. This means these feel lighter but also different. They are not good for riding with low pressure because they pop down from the rim, should be inflated with a minimum 4,5-5 bar at least to use it securely. 

All tires are sold by piece and always without a tube or a rim/wheel. If you order 1 tire you will get 1 tire and NOT one pair.