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Khaled is a pumped up stamina superhero from Mexico! Super positive, motivated and a really good rider! Super happy to have him on the team, sharing his positive energy with us!


Khaled Huerta, 27 years, México 

When did you start riding BMX, and why?

2010, my neighbor is the guilty one! Haha I was in love when I saw how he was performing with his bike. 

What do you like most in BMX riding?

More than like me, I love the way in how flatland put in front of our eyes the wonderful blessings like, patience, courage, success the flatland has, its hand with all those teachings and more and I love that of this beautiful way of life! 

What are your next goals in riding and which ones did you achieve already? 

Be BMX World Champion in Flatland, I achieved many goals like win competitions, shows, marketing for TV, etc.. 

What are your favourite BMX Brands for parts and/or clothing?

FourPegs, Igi, Heresy, Ares

Favourite music/band?

The White Rabbits!!!! 

What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years on your bike?

Bmx Flatland World Champion 

Do you have other sponsors as well?

No, am looking for the big fish.

Shoutouts and thanks:

Thankful to my Creator for all the blessings, to my mom specially and all my family for cheer me up always, I want to thank specially to Attila the owner of FourPegs cause he understands always every situation of each rider, he is giving the real support to every rider, also energy, positive vibes and always is pushing our limits sharing our progress!!! Thanks to Chris Böhm cause he always supports me and cheer me up! To my sponsors Bloondos, Extreme Official, & Shout outs also to IGI brand with the owner Dub (my fav rider, inspiration, motivation) 


Khaled uses the following products on his bike: