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Wastl Grubinger AUT @wastlgrubinger representing Heresy @heresybmx Profile Racing @profile_racing Maxxis Tires @maxxistires

Our first interview is here with the first rider of the team overall. Wastl was the very first team rider, when we opened the shop back in November, 2017.
Couldn´t be happier to have him on the team, his origininality, dedication and positive attitude is key and very appealing to everyone, who saw him on video or met him personally.
Enjoy this short read about the man himself:


Sebastian Grubinger. Born on 24th of June in Linz, Austria. Now living and riding in Vienna.

When did you started riding BMX and why?

I started almost 20 years ago. I used to ride a bit of MTB with friends earlier.  Then there was a BMX Jam in Linz where I saw Flatland for the first time. I liked it a lot and a year later I finally got my first BMX. Around this time there was quite a healthy scene in Linz and Mario Gruber took me under his wings and picked me up every day to ride together. Since that time I’m on it.

What do you like the most about BMX?

I like to watch every discipline in BMX. There are so many riders and styles i like that I can’t name them all. I like that in BMX everybody can do whatever he wants. It’s freestyle! That’s the great thing about it!

What are your goals for the coming years?

Every day on the bike is a reached milestone, hahaha. I’m just trying to push myself further and learn new tricks that I have in mind. One main goal now is to ride as long as possible and have fun!

Which parts or brands do you prefer on your bike?

Heresy, Profile Racing, Maxxis.


Whatever ... Alles mögliche...

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

On my spot. Hahaha. And my girl and my daughter picking me up after a fun session. Hahaha.

Do you have other sponsors besides Fourpegsbmx?

Heresy, Profile Racing, Maxxis, Visitor Co, Vans Vienna

Shoutouts, closing, thanks:

Thanks to my sponsors and everyone who supported me the past 20 years. Huge thanks to my family for always being here for me.

Sebastian rides this bike, sponsored by Heresy @heresybmx Profile Racing @profile_racing Maxxis Tires @maxxistires and Fourpegsbmx @fourpegsbmx

Sevisual and Wastl

Sebastian uses the following products on his bike: