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Far East Cycles Titanium Flatland Kurbel / Cranks

Far East Cycles Titanium Flatland Kurbel / Cranks

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Drive Side

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Titanium cranks - make your bike light. Usually a crankset weighs about 900g and you can cut that (about) half with this upgrade. Scroll down for the specs.

Attila´s tipps and tricks for the assembly:

Over the years I sold many of these sets and gathered information which makes them easier to mount.

1) I personally (Attila, 4P) fit test every set that comes into the shop - I test the pedal threads and check if the 19mm titanium axle fits into the arm splines (I dont push the axle into the cranks fully, but if they go in 1cm then they usually fit all the way).

2) Use anti seize (copper grease) always! Otherwise your titanium cranks will cold-weld over time and you will not be able to take them apart. 

3) Always use the crank assembly tool! Never try to pull the arms onto the axle with the axle bolts! 

4) Put the right side of the drive together first - axle into the right side arm about 1,5cm or so, put the sprocket on and make it "light" tight (not super tight, so it can move), put the right side axle bolt in. The take the assembled side and put into the frame (with BB spacers). Now you only need to put on the left side spacers and then the left arm. Make sure you have about the same axle length in both arms. If you use a spline drive sprocket, maybe a bit more on the right side, to balance it out. 

5) On many occasions it helped to put the titanium axle into the freezer for a few hours and then tried to install it (with grease). This could be voodoo only but some said it helped :)

  • TC4 Titanium Crank Arms
  • TC4 Titanium 48 Spline spindle
  • Steel Bolts included
  • Crank remover included
  • Weight : 451 grams
  • For micro drive sprockets!
  • 145mm, 152mm or 160mm crank arms
  • Bottom bracket NOT included

Verpackungseinheit: 1 Kurbelset mit Werkzeug ohne Tretlager
Packaging Unit: 1 Crankset with assembly tool without bottom bracket

Please note: it is not easy to mount the crankset for the first time. Make sure you use lots of copper grease.

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