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Profile Racing Buttonhead Bolt

Profile Racing Buttonhead Bolt

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Product description:

BUTTON HEAD BOLTS are an upgrade to standard socket head(allen) bolt. They feature a smooth, rounded finish.
-A. Straight 3/8 (10mm) bolt-will fit 3/8 drop outs.

-B. Stepped 3/8 (10mm) to 14mm dropouts version (hub 10mm, frame 14mm) or on the front with 10mm axle and 14mm for pegs, so you can save your adapter if the peg is drilled for 14mm

-C. Stepped 3/8 (10mm) to 14mm dropouts and 14mm pegs (10mm hub, 14mm frame and 14mm peg)

not recommended for grinding! Use the hex ones!
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