New Ares Bikes Products!

Good days are coming for the fans of the Japanese brand, Ares Bikes! 4P just received the new R9 bars, 145mm XX aluminium cranks, Reboot front hubs and freecoasters and some Flawless pegs.

Check out the "Brands" section to see them all!

The R-BARS are Ryo Katagiri´s signature bars. At Fourpegs you can get the standard 9" version. Lightweight and has a flatland friendly spec.

The XX cranks 145mm are aluminium cranksets, which combine low weight of 560g with a competetive price. Similar weight like a titanium crankset but half the price of one. The arms are 48 splined and accept a 19mm axle, so they can be even ridden with titanium axles to make them even lighter. The sprocket boss on the right hand side is crmo and it can be taken out of needed.

The Reboot hubs bring back the classical Ares hubs. The front hub has a classic male axle and the freecoaster too. Both 10mm, so they are perfect for flatland riding!

Last but not least, among other Ares products, a small restock came of the famous Flawless pegs, RBHU 28mm stems and Minato seats. Find them all here:

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