Supported by 4P

The page is under construction until I find out, how to create one which represent this ever changing environment.

I don´t think that Fourpegs ever had a classic team. It took me years to realise that. It was more like a loose collection of talented and motivated individuals who helped to push the shop forward. Each with his own interpretation. 

Here is a little essay of the people who support 4P and get supported by it. Many people came and went over the years and this text reflects those who are currently involved with the shop on various levels.

Flatland BMX is the heart of the shop and it was always my main focus.

I am happy to involve riders like Vienna local Sebastian Grubinger and the world champ Irina Sadovnik. The Dutchman, Sietse van Berkel is now one of the biggest names in flatland BMX, happy to call him a Fourpegs rider. Gilles van de Sompel is one of the best Belgian riders who supports 4P since the first days. Oleg Efimov and Demid Skripachenko are two super talented riders from Russia. Oleg owns and operates his BMX school and one of his talented students is Demid, who blasted onto the flatland scene a few years ago. 

Fourpegs has a strong French base and established riders like Jeremy Brosset and Charles Paty are supported. Also the young gun Anatole Rahain has joined the ranks along with the Seigneur sisters, Louise and Jeanne. The future is bright for flatland in France!

There are some lone wolfs who represent greatness in their respective scenes, like Martin Drazil in Prague, Keiryo Kudo in Japan, Mik Penar in Ireland and Reece Thomson in Scotland, Sakis Doumas in Greece, Khaled Huerta in Mexico and Josh Briars in England. These dudes are supported by 4P for a long time now.

The Hungarian connection is the roots of 4P and it shows. Many riders are and were supported by the shop, like Peter Miklosi, Mihaly Hajnacs, Akos Bordas and Attila Bordacs and some excellent street riders like Tamas Nagy, Tamas Kunecz and Marton Siklosi.

Turning a page to the non-flatland riders, the Austrian pool is significant. BMX Lifers like Linda Grabner, Valentin Moder (DSK), Matteo Nemeth, Leon Schatzl, Bernhard Ebner, Jakob Sommer, Erwin Münch and Joshua Hareter all represent and support 4P in their own ways on the streets and trails. But the list is even longer if we mention people like Erik Springer, Linus Pohl, Erik Seifried, Erik Faustmann, Ibo and Silvio.

The BMX park crew is heavy, with Matt Waldner who was the very first non flatlander 4P team member, then Kevin Böck who is now an established name in the Austrian bike community, he is with 4P since he was a kid. 

The Croatian crew has came a long way with the names of Fran Zeman (Suma Crew), Kristijan Jergovic and Kristian Gergeta. They are involved in their scene one way or the other and rocking 4P for years now.

Going south, to Slovenia, David Istenic is representing 4P in Ljubjana for years now along with Jaka Remec, who is turning out to be one of the big names in the future of BMX park.