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Fourpegsbmx is a one person operation, which means that you talk to me (Attila) and then I will pack your order and take care of it.
More info here: https://fourpegsbmx.com/en/pages/contact

Fourpegsbmx’s Statement

Representing and supporting the Austrian BMX scene since 2017.
For ALL BMX Freestyle disciplines!

Fourpegsbmx is a proud supporter of the Austrian and Worldwide BMX scene since its establishment in 2017. No matter the discipline, whether it's Street, Park, Trails or Flatland - even Cruisers and beyond - we offer our services to get you the best deal!

Equality - We at Fourpegsbmx believe that everyone has the equal right to ride BMX and enjoy themselves. We don´t distinguish between people regarding race, religion, skillset, looks, nationality or whatever you may call it. 

Sustainability - We also believe that we need to protect our home, the earth. All our used electricity comes from renewable sources. We only use recycled packaging and buy our material from responsible sources, if it comes to that.
Since we are a mailorder shop, it is important to see that we only use zero CO2 emmission companies to deliver your orders. Every year we donate to charities to give back to the community.

Realness - BMX is the most important for us, not just because it is our business, but because it made us to the people who we are today. We are here to make REAL BMX riding prosper and not let any fakeness or exploitation get in the way.
We are responsible with our choices. It is important to recognize, that small businesses are the essence of every economy, progression and they’re essential for good vibes. They also give work to many people.

No Trends - We don´t follow any trends just because they make money. We will not stock a ton of fidget spinners because they out there everywhere. We will not switch to scooters or skateboards. We don´t have any problems with them, but we will and need to stay true to our roots.

If you support us, you support all of this! 
Equality - Sustainability - Realness - No Trends

This is the only right way.

Thank you!


About the owner:

Fourpegsbmx´s owner is Attila Toth, who resides in Vienna and runs the BMX shop along a full-time job in IT. 
He started riding BMX in 2005 and he hasn’t stopped since. Ok, there were a few off- and on periods due to some "real world" responsibilities but the love was always unbroken. He is still an active rider and not planning to give it up!

Flatmatters Online Interview:
Photo by Tyrone Kelly