Warranty Help - Hilfe zur Garantie

On this page you will find additional information about the products that are covered by a guarantee or "lifetime guarantee".
(Terms and Conditions here)

Most manufacturers offer one year warranty on frames, and forks. Six months on other small parts and three months on complete bike components. However this is always dependent on the manufacturer. In a case of a warranty claim your submitted claim will be handled and decided individually buy the manufacturer. Warranty does not cover damages that are caused by improper use, heavy abuse or any modification that was made by an unauthorized dealer (like cutting handlebars or forks). The manufacturer takes no responsibility in any damage or injury which arise in conclusion of a product defect. Bent tubing is usually not covered because that kind of damaged is caused by improper use.
The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and is not transferable. The invoice/receipt of purchase has to be presented in a case of a warranty claim.

In the event of damage, the customer must report the case directly to us (or the brand / brand dealer) and follow the instructions below.

We can help you to reach the brands / dealers (intermediaries).
We adhere to the information and instructions of the manufacturer.

More information:


1. The process begins with the submission of all required documents. The consumer will be informed of the beginning of the procedure via the specified email address.

2. As soon as the procedure has been initiated, the seller will adhere to the terms and conditions of the individual distributor / manufacturer and inform the consumer of the results via the specified email address.

3. After completing the procedure, the consumer will receive the answer with the final results.

How to initiate the procedure by email - is for quick and easy submission of your question:

1. Write us an email: info@fourpegsbmx.com

2. Take photos of the whole product and prove its current status. Add the photo as an attachment to the email. Take also a photo about the bottom bracket and the serial number on it and send the serial number written in the email as well.

3. Include at least 3 detailed photos of the defective area. Add the photos to the email as an attachment.

4. Attach the copy of the receipt. (as photo or PDF)

5. Enter your first and last name, your email address and your phone.

6. Please also state in detail what damage of the product is involved.

7. Send us the email.

8. As soon as we (the seller) have received the e-mail and it contains all the information, we will contact the distributor / manufacturer and mediate your request.