Loyalty Program - Stammkundenprogramm

Fourpegsbmx rewards your loyalty!

Loyalty bonus for returning customers!

If you have already spent at least 1000€ with us, you will receive a discount code from us!

The code requires that the customer has an account to the website.

This is how it looks:

From 1000€ total order value - 7% discount

From 2000€ a total order value - 10% discount

The code will be sent to you by email and is only valid with your own account.

It doesn´t matter, how many orders you need for this 1000€ or 2000€ total order sum, you just need to reach this and then you get your discount code! No time limit!

You can use this code on the website, without limitation, as long as you shop with us, this code applies to your orders!


1. If you order something but then send it back or cancel, this amount will not be included in the loyalty program.
2. The code is not transferable. It is only valid for you and your purchases. If you enter a different delivery address (e.g. from a friend), we will not process this order. Please be fair and honest with it. Thank you!
3. In the event of abuse, we will block your code.
4. This service (loyalty program) is not legally binding. The buyer can waive it and not make use of it. The seller also gives this discount as a goodwill gesture and can be revoked at any time without giving reasons.

How to insert a code:

You can do it by click in the top right corner and inserting the code where it says "Discount code" and klick "Apply" during the checkout process: