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Z - Einspeichservice / Custom Wheel Lacing

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Do you want a new wheel, but don´t want to bother with the lacing? We will build a wheel for you!

Just pick out the rim, spokes and hub, put it into the cart and put this product there as well! You don´t have to mess with the spoke length! We will calculate that for you!

If you want to have more then one wheels laced, please also put this product multiple times into the cart. (2 Wheels - 2 of these lacing in the cart please)

We only build wheels from parts that were purchased in our shop. We do not build wheels from parts that were purchased somewhere else. If you have your old used hub (which your already took out from your old wheel) and you want it to be laced again with a new rim and spokes, we can try that. Please contact us before you purchase anything related to this.

This service requires about up to 4-5 days, depending on stock leves and workloads.

If you have any questions, get in touch!