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Stress BMX

Stress Penta Guard Sprocket 25T Black

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material: 6061aluminium T6 | CNC machined
size: 25 teeth
teeth: 1/8 inch
thickness: 6mm

bore: 15/16 inch (23,8mm) for 24mm crank spindles
adaptors: included for 22mm and 19mm crank spindles

color: black

additional information:
Penta sprocket was designed to protect teeth and the chain after unsuccessful grinds. Not a small thickness (8.5 mm in the thinnest place) and an impressive 5 mm thick guard.
When we were creating the Penta sprocket, we choosed the aluminum guard because due it’s strong and durable. In addition, it does not unscrew during riding, and it just looks great.
Weight 180 grams

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