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TLC Bikes 14mm Titanium Schraube / Axle Nut

TLC Bikes 14mm Titanium Schraube / Axle Nut

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Product description:

Remove unnecessary weight from your male rear hub with a set of our 14mm titanium axle nuts.

These will fit every 14mm male BMX axle on the market today!

Weight (per nut): 7 grams

Thread: M14 x 1mm

Price is for a single nut with spacer.

Always use anti-seize when installing your titanium bolts to prevent seizing or cold welding. You can find this in our maintenance section.

Verpackungseinheit: 1 Schraube (kein Paar!) Falls du ein Paar Schrauben benötigst, bestell bitte 2 Stück.

Packaging Unit: 1 Nut (not pair!) If you need a pair, order two!

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